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TechNet Offline?

Have you ever wondered how to take such a nice library offline? One of  the trainees here wondered how to read the TechNet articles offline. I decided to google, bing and yahoo on this before I develop one, myself for you see, I’m always way too lazy! 🙂

I came across this handy little tool called Package This available on Codeplex and decided to try it out before I recommend this to my new hires. This one is a simple GUI based on C# to create help files out of TechNet and MSDN content.

Remember, this requires .hxs SDK (MS Help 2.0) which is a part of MS Visual Studio 2005 SDK or .chm SDK (HTML help) which is available for download seperately. I prefer you going with HTML Help unless you want to bug-pack your PC with Visual Studio SDK (performance and space wise). Comment if you require any expert assistance on using this tool! 😉

Though this is not related to Exchange, thought of popularizing this awesome tool to help you download the contents from TechNet/MSDN

– Muthu

2 Responses to “TechNet Offline?”

  1. Shyam Says:

    🙂 Can this be uploaded to iphone as well… I know I am going nuts but checking if there is a possibility. Atleast my travel time will be productive.

  2. Muthukumar P Says:

    Sorry mate! Haven’t really researched about iPhone as I’m a symbian freak! The exported files are basically Microsoft help file format. If you have a gadget or something that helps you to read it, well and good! 🙂
    Else, spend some peaceful time with your iPhone, watching a movie or playing a game!!! 😉

    Post your research results here too, so that it is useful for the ‘Guru’ as well!! 😉

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