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I woke up this morning at 6.30 am when my alarm was set to go off at 8. (I normally switch it off and sleep till 9). I woke myself up out of a very deep sleep for no specific reason.

Brushed my teeth, looked at my email and saw:

From: Nitin Gupta
Date: Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 6:14 AM
Subject: Congratulations
To: Ratish Sekharan Nair

Congrats, you are a MVP now 🙂 !

Nitin Gupta

MVP – Exchange | MCITP | MCTS | MCSE | MCSA:M | ITILv3 | BS 7799 LA


Nitin is an Exchange MVP and someone whom I always seek help and advice.

Now I knew what startled me awake. I realized it was a miniature miracle. I memorized the day I took my first call for Exchange in Microsoft PSS. This call came to my mind where a customer had exceeded the database size limit for E2K3 STD and we had to set the registry to increase it. There where people trying to help me but I was not listening. My TL was asking me to check service pack installed, get to the location of the registry key but I WAS JUST NOT LISTENING. I blacked out for the next 10 minutes and then next thing I hear is the customer shouting at the top of his voice. I gave the headset to my TL and asked him to help me and promised not to let him down in future.

This is how I started learning exchange!!! From then, there was no looking back…. I spent time researching on how MS evolved from MS Mail to a fully mature product – Microsoft Exchange Server. Tremendous hours learning, building cross forest trusts between Proton, Neutron and Electron (Company names in my lab) with several domains and over 30 servers including Exchange.

Microsoft products and technologies made me what I am. I never wanted to make money out of this website though I got a lot of offers for banners and product endorsements.  

I on behalf of MSExchangeGuru Team thank Microsoft for offering me MVP for Exchange and I dedicate this to all those Microsoft TSL’s, Wipro TL’s and collegues who taught me Exchange.

Ratish Nair


28 Responses to “MVP for MSExchangeGuru”

  1. Kalyan Says:

    Hey Ratish,

    Congrats man..! (y)

  2. Boney Francis Says:

    Congrats bro., happy for you!! Rock-On..

  3. Hameed Says:

    Congrats keep going

  4. Anoop Says:

    Hey Ratish,

    Congragulations dude….I am sure this would propel your growth even more…keep going keep rocking..

  5. Saakar Says:


  6. Yashwanth Says:

    Hey Ratish..

    Congratulations!! All the best for the future!

  7. Roger Says:

    Ratish, I recall the day you spent long hours with me on an exchange 2007 mailbox server issue. When the issue was resolved I could not thank you enough.
    If you feel this is a great achievement, you earned it. Keep helping people.

  8. Tom J Says:

    You deserve it. Congratz.

  9. Shyam Madeti Says:

    Hey Ratish,

    You reminded me of my days @ Wipro in Mumbai as Exchange PSS :). Good on you Ritesh… Congrats on your achievement.

    Cheers Mate!

    Shyam Madeti

  10. Dave Says:

    Helo Ratish. with those great articles out there, you proved to be the best. excellent work.

  11. shafeeque Says:

    Well done Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 keep it up!!!!!

  12. Praveen Says:

    You deserve it.. Excellent. Hearty Congrats.

  13. Sunilkumar Says:

    Congrats Buddy .. you rock Mr MVP

  14. Ronald Says:

    great accomplishment.Thanks for all the help and recommendation you provided. Things are working great nowadays.

  15. EthanM Says:

    Congratulations Ratish! Very well deserved. You were always a star on our teams and your MVP status is not a surprise. 🙂 Just awesome!

  16. Sai Prasad Says:


    Dont you feel that getting an appreciation from our “GURU’s” like Ethan is a great achievement. It is for sure, Keep up the good work and Do not halt at any cost.

    @Ethan: Thanks a ton for stopping by the site to give your word of appreciation. It gives lot of encouragement and boost to the little master and “Guru -Ratish” and of course to the team :/

  17. Ratish Sekhar Says:

    Oh Yes Sai, a supportive word from someone like Ethan who made us all what we are is indeed a great recognition for our hard work.
    Ethan – We thank you as always.


  18. Manoj Says:

    Congrats bro on becoming MVP. All the very best for you.

    – Manoj
    (ex v-9mavij)

  19. Linda Says:

    Great news. MS found the right person for MVP award. Thanks for all your help.

  20. Ashwin Says:

    Hey congrats da… You always stood out in Wipro and Continue doing so outside Wipro as Well.

  21. VJ Says:

    Congratulations for joining MVP club.

  22. Sathiesh Stanley Says:

    Hey buddy,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Congrats on becoming the MVP.

  23. Gary Says:

    Congrats Ratish

  24. Stan Says:

    You deserve it mate – Stan (you helped me with a database issue)

  25. Rick Says:

    Excellent work….Thanks for helping me with the autodiscover issue the other day…take it easy…

  26. Dafni Says:

    This goes to all the great work you have done. Thanks for your help with my databases. You saved my nightmare the other day..!

  27. Margert Says:

    Tremendous achievement !!!

  28. Sayed Tahzeeb H Says:

    You deserve it “Guru”…… 🙂

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