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Windows Phone 7 behaviour with Exchange ActiveSync

With Windows Phone 7 is highlight and people running around to get feel of one, I am excited? Oh yeah!!!

I got an opportunity to attend this year’s Microsoft PDCNight and the Windows Phone 7 demo was mind blowing.

Being a tech savvy, what impressed me the most –>No doubt, “Response time”. If you look back to see how today’s successful devices indeed become “successful”, note that it never happened overnight!!!

Microsoft took this as a major challenge and has tools in place “to take real time dumps” when and if an application is slowing the device. Just follow the instructions and the output will tell you as to “What’s making your device slow”. Isn’t that cool? I am not going to dig into this coz “its not my cup of tea”.

So whats in store for an Exchange guy? I am gonna list out some information which any/every organization should be aware before deploying Windows Phone 7 Exchange ActiveSync clients.

Windows Phone 7 mobile devices only support EAS policies while working with E2K3, E2K7 and E2010.

Take a look at the list:

Password Required
Minimum Password Length
Idle Timeout Frequency Value
Disable Desktop Sync
Block Remote Desktop
Block Internet Sharing
Password History
Disable Removable Storage
Device Wipe Threshold
Allow Simple Password
Password Expiration
Disable IrDA

What if I need to use other EAS policies?

We need to know who’s using WP7
Create a WP7 policy in EMC and any user with WP7 should be assigned this policy.
Set the AllowNonProvisionableDevices property to true in the default EAS policy already configured.
Re-configure the default EAS policy within the Exchange organization, so it only has the policies listed above configured.
This doesn’t end here, I am sure this is not going to be a great challenge and MS would only come up with more n more enhancements to the device.

Ratish Nair
MVP Exchange

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