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How cloudy does it look ahead …

The last few years have been phenomenal in various aspects for IT. While there have many interesting transitions in operating models, some interesting mergers and acquisitions- somewhere all the firms have “cloud” in their strategy. Many feel that there is an increasingly unnecessary hype around it, but no doubts-cloud is definitely making noise. In this blog, we would like to talk about some key developments that will most likely happen soon in the IT world powered by cloud.

The entire business landscape is not just getting very competitive but is demanding a highly responsive and agile response. There have been interesting perspectives out there about how organizations should adopt cloud, but the message is loud and clear- for business to become more agile and efficient, cloud will be the key driver. The future looks all bright for cloud and well yes, only in cloud.

Abstraction will become the new buzz-thing (eventually) and drive pivotal transformations in near future. The capabilities promised by cloud will propel abstraction of software from hardware (software defined datacenters), generate a social media revolution (then what it currently is being delivered as), datacenters will become flexible biomes (functioning depending on workloads) and defined by software. The era of supercomputing will commence with full throttle adding more substance to pervasive computing.

While cloud is indeed disruptive, something that’s more promising is the huge number of players that have emerged in the few years for cloud services. The supply and demand chain will perpetually drive the levers of cost, making cloud a commodity in its real essence. We wouldn’t only have private, public or hybrid clouds but an array of flavors all out there based on- geographies, technology, industry et al. There will be focused and strategic partnerships between cloud service providers to attract markets as the competition heats up down the lane.

The next few years will also witness an entire different perspective with leaders coming from the cloud era. The business decision makers would have a totally business specific approach- driven and empowered by cloud. The CIOs will embrace cloud for various reasons- either for optimization or innovation.

Cloud will eventually become mainstream and much cheaper than today. It will help organizations spur innovation, time-to-market and business agility extending business revenues.


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3 Responses to “How cloudy does it look ahead …”

  1. Patel Says:

    2014-2020 are the years of the Private Cloud…….and here is why……….

  2. John Says:

    I think Private Cloud is THE future for Enterprises.

  3. Joe Says:

    Agree 100%, Private Cloud is the Future for the companies that want to get into Cloud.

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