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Exchange Server 2013 Service Pack 1 and lots more

Today is a great day for the Exchange community and I am excited to let you know Microsoft Exchange team finally announced the public release of Exchange Server 2013 Service Pack 1.

Along with this Update Rollup 5 for Exchange 2010 Service Pack 3 and Update Rollup 13 for Exchange 2007 Service Pack 3 is now in store.

Read all the exciting news here:

Ratish Nair

Microsoft MVP | Exchange Server

2 Responses to “Exchange Server 2013 Service Pack 1 and lots more”

  1. Raman Says:

    Hello Ratish,
    We are already running Exchange 2013 CU3 on win 2012 RTM in production. I would like to upgrade to Exhange 2013 SP1 and also Windows 2012 R2.
    Since, in-place upgrade of Win 2012 to win 2012 R2 is not supported if Exchagne 2013 is already installed.
    Do you think if we keep running win 2012RTM with Exchange 2013 Sp1 and later would there be any issues in future?


  2. Raman Says:


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