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Windows10 – Why It Makes Sense for Every Consumer?

While there were (still are) confusions galore, excitement, buzz and different expressions around “Why Microsoft called the next operating system Windows 10 and not Windows 9 – Microsoft successfully took centre-stage last week with all the amazing features it got out for Windows10.

Hello There and Welcome WINDOWS10 !!!!

The euphoria was phenomenal. The euphoria was justifiable to a large extent as it was the first flagship product that Microsoft was getting out under its new CEO, Satya Nadella.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, has indeed put the team to a platform of “OPEN FIELD”- a field to understand the factors that worked with Windows8, factor’s that didn’t work & why they didn’t and above all “the consumer playfield”- the changing consumer, his preferences, desired experiences – IMAGINE if consumers can get what they have always loved in a renewed approach, bringing newer dimensions to older concepts of UX, UI with some powerful specifications. The ACT this time was all about how Microsoft could get all this together “Raising The Bar” with Windows10.

At the very outset, THUMBS-UP to the Microsoft team for taking a holistic view on Windows10. This Operating System is by no-means a “rush” to the last hour effort and is a testimony to the fact “What Technical Leadership” gets out for consumers.

While I say this, I will strongly re-iterate – Microsoft has unveiled the best with Windows 10, Windows 10 is not an answer to Windows9. It’s a fresh start- Built Ground Up for “Mobile First Cloud First- World and Consumer”

In the words of Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group, “Microsoft wants its latest operating system to deliver an experience that’s “agile” enough for mobile devices and “complex” enough for desktops in an enterprise environment”.

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How Microsoft is Looking Beyond with Satya Nadella..

Satya Nadella is extremely clear in his vision for Microsoft. The recent strategic moves to get Microsoft experiences on iOS, Androids all indicate that he has set his eyes on much a wider horizon for Microsoft. Consumers are the base for an enterprise. Beyond your vision for “innovation”, there has to be a base for adoption and he is aiming to hit the sky for that. A TOTALLY commendable job by him in building a solid roadmap, for putting together and making available “Microsoft Experiences” on all devices. Point in example, by bringing Office to the iPad , he has brought about more than 35 million “ADDITIONAL” downloads of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

To Conclude..

Windows10 looks indeed in the direction of Microsoft’s vision- “Unifying a brand across all devices- illustrating the company’s aggressive and continuous efforts in the cloud first, mobile first world”. It has done a phenomenal job and indeed taken a bold move to cater to a diverse audience who use plethora of devices from traditional to new-age.

Windows10 is a step in the right direction for enterprise customers as audience for Microsoft.

Anita Raj

Technology Evangelist


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