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Cumulative update 8 for Microsoft Exchange 2013

Microsoft has announced the availability of CU 8 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. This update has fixes for the issues reported by the customers, minor product enhancements.

List of new features / enhancements in the new release:

=> Contact Modern Public Folders favorites / Calendar features are now accessible in OWA.

=> The number of Public folders has increased for On-prem Exchange. When migrating from earlier versions of Exchange (2007/2010), to CU8 the supported number of Public Folders for migration has increased up to 500,000.Also once the migration is completed to CU8 or if we are deploying the Exchange 2013 CU8, the supported number of public Folders has increased upto 1,000,000.However, the supported number of Public Folder mailboxes has no change (remains same as before 100). Point to note is that when it’s said we can have up to 1,000,000 Public Folders, it means that it includes all active & deleted Public Folders that remains in the system & not just for one single Public Folder in the Organization.

=>Improved Public Folder migration experience – Batch migration of Public Folders to Exchange Server 2013.

=>Easier migration with automatic profile redirect for Exchange Active Sync Clients to Office 365 (Exchange ActiveSync Client must support HTTP 451 redirect).


List of issues fixed in CU8 for Exchange Server 2013:

=> SMTP is not transported over TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2 protocol in an Exchange Server 2013 environment.

=> MapiExceptionTimeout error during a hierarchy synchronization process of multiple public folders in Exchange Server 2013.

=> Outlook cannot download an OAB file in an Exchange Server 2013 environment that mixes Exchange Server 2010.

=> Can’t add members to Outlook contact group by using MAPI over HTTP.

=> Mailbox quota warning messages are not sent out after you migrate from Exchange Server 2010 to Exchange Server 2013.

=>Incorrect NDR size limit message is displayed for German localization in an Exchange Server 2013 environment.

=>”The specified address is not recognized or does not exist” error message in an Exchange Server 2013 environment.

=>Recurring events in Calendar over DST are not adjusted on all ActiveSync devices in all Exchange Server environments.

=>Default folders are duplicated after you migrate mailboxes to Exchange Server 2013.

=>Mails are spoofed in Office 365 or in an Exchange Server 2013 environment.

=>Outlook cannot open a shared folder on which a group you attend has the Reviewer permission in Exchange Server 2013.

=>Garbled text in the Japanese “From” field in a forwarded DBCS message.

=>Public folder mailbox quarantined.

=>Update to increase availability address spaces to 200 in Exchange Server 2013.

=>SaveChanges fails and generates a MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND error message on a large message body in Exchange 2013 CU6.

=>”The SMTP address has no mailbox associated with it” error when you access a user’s mailbox by using EWS application.

=>Improved support for MSG files in an Exchange Server 2013 environment where OPENTEXT products are used.

=>Cannot see the auditing results for an HttpModule-based extension for MAPI over HTTP protocol in Exchange Server 2013.

=>”An Active Directory error 0x51 occurred” error when you run the “Setup /PrepareAD” command from a DC in Exchange 2013.

=>Exchange Server 2013 delegated setup fails when the setup account is a member of Domain Admins.

Download the latest CU8 for Exchange 2013:

Points to remember before installing the CU8:

=> Updating CU 8 makes Exchange related changes to the Active Directory Schema.

=> To avoid any installation issues, please make sure that the Windows PowerShell Script Execution Policy is set to “Unrestricted” on the server.You can run Get-ExecutionPolicy on powershell to verify the same.

=> Hybrid environment (Exchange on-prem with Office 365) / using Exchange Online Archiving with on-prem server ave to update the servers with CU8 or earlier version.

=> If you have any previous release of Exchange 2013 you can directly update it to CU8.

=> Also if you are deploying Exchange 2013 for the first time can directly apply CU8 without updating earlier releases.

=>Applying CU8 in the environment where DST for Chile & Mexico is applied, the calendar items shift incorrectly. Refer this KB3048372 for workaround.

Ratish Nair

Microsoft MVP | Exchange Server

Team @MSExchangeGuru


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  1. Kasparek Says:

    I tried to found info on when CUs are available on Exchange Online/OWA within Microsoft cloud services Office 365. We are desperately awaiting Office 365 support for Contact Modern Public Folders to have them at disposal for users within OWA and found an article about CU8, which is most probably targeted only on on-premise Exchange administrators.

  2. Prabhat Nigam Says:

    support can only tell you if your Exchange servers are on CU 8

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