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Office 365: Hybrid Wizard Failed with Missing Default Receive Connector

Today I was configuring a Hybrid setup where Hybrid wizard failed to find the default receive connector. Let us see how we fixed this issue.



Checked the log file and found the below issue text.

By default log file can be found here – C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV15LoggingUpdate-HybridConfiguration


ERROR : Subtask NeedsConfiguration execution failed: Configure Mail Flow

Default Receive Connector cannot be found on server ServerName.

at Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Hybrid.MailFlowTask.DoOnPremisesReceiveConnectorNeedConfiguration()

at Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Hybrid.MailFlowTask.CheckOrVerifyConfiguration(Boolean verifyOnly)

at Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Hybrid.Engine.ExecuteSubStep(String subStepName, ITaskContext taskContext, ITask task, Func`3 substep, Func`4 createException, Boolean throwOnFalse)

INFO : Task=’Configure Mail Flow’ Step=’NeedsConfiguration’ FINISH Result=False Time=1212.0222ms




IPV6 IP was not present in the Default Frontend Receive connector.



When we check the connector. Connector was present and working.

So Removed disabledcomponents registry key.

Restarted the server.

Added IPv6 IP in the receive connector.

Rerun the ECW and issue got resolved.



We always preferred to keep IPv6 disabled because we have seen wrong name resolution to IPv6 caused many issues in the past but today we learned the IPv6 have improved and it is being used by Exchange 2013 and other Microsoft technologies like Direct access. So instead of disabling IPv6, we should enable IPv6. IPv6 Rocks.



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