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Office 365: HCW “My Office 365 organization is hosted by 21Vianet”

If you are new to Hybrid configuration wizard or you have not tried Exchange 2013 CU5 or above for Hybrid Setup then you might be wondering what is “My Office 365 organization is hosted by 21Vianet” checkbox.



As soon as we see this checkbox, we feel tempted to check it because we are not sure what is 21Vianet?


If you visit 21Vianet website, you will find this text.

21Vianet MSCloud Business Unit provides cloud technical support and operation service via Window Azure and Office 365 public cloud platform to customers in China. As the first public cloud PAAS platform in China, apart from supporting the development and application under Windows environment, Windows Azure operated by 21Vianet also focuses on open source computing, storage, database, integration and network service to provide Chinese customers the reliable, agility and valuable cloud computing platform service. 21Vianet will provide customers localized cloud service experience with full protection from Chinese cloud customer in compliance, infrastructure operation, cloud service to customer response and supports etc. Click for more details

So looks like this is a specially designed Office 365 for China which is much secure and compliance.


This is a specially an option if you are hosted in China because office 365 in china will be routed through 21Vianet.

There is not much explanation available on it but here is what I found on the TechNet here.

If your on-premises organization is located in China and your Office 365 tenant is hosted by 21Vianet, you must select the My Office 365 organization is hosted by 21Vianet check box. If your Office 365 tenant is hosted by 21Vianet and this checkbox isn’t selected, the Hybrid Configuration wizard won’t connect to 21Vianet service, your Office 365 account credentials won’t be recognized and the wizard won’t complete properly.


Now if you will see this for the first then you will not be confused.


I hope this clarification helps to clear this doubt.



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