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Office 365 group management cmdlets

We can now manage Office 365 Groups with new cmdlets. Microsoft has released new sets of –UnifiedGroup & –UnifiedGroupLinks cmdlets for Office 365 to control & manage groups. Lets see the list of commands that are available for the administration of the Groups in Office 365.

Creating a Group:

Run New-UnifiedGroup -DisplayName “Department” -Alias dept -EmailAddress
. This command creates an empty group. We have Add-UnifiedGroup to add the owner & the members of the group.

Modifying a Group Settings:

We can use Set-UnifiedGroup command to change settings like the ability to receive emails from outside the tenant & to change the primary email address:

Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity “Sales Department” -PrimarySmtpAddress -RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled $false

Removing a Group Setting:

We can run Remove-UnifiedGroup command to delete an existing Office 365 group

Adding Members to the Group:

This command Add-UnifiedGroupLinks is used to add members to the group. (In the below example we are adding User1 & User2 to the Sales department Group)

Add-UnifiedGroupLinks -Identity “Sales Department” -LinkType Members -Links,

Adding Owner to the Group:

To add owner to the created group we can run the following command:

Add-UnifiedGroupLinks -Identity “Sales Department” -LinkType Owners -Links

Removing Members from a Group:

We can use Remove-UnifiedGroupLinks command to remove owners & members from an existing group. (In the below example we are removing User3 & User4 from the sales Department Group)

Remove-UnifiedGroupLinks -Identity “Sales Department” -LinkType Members -Links,

Disabling Group Creation in OWA:

We can use Set-OWAMailboxPolicy command to create a policy to not allow the users to create groups when the policy is applied to the user. (Below is an example of applying the OWAMailboxPolicy to user1 , which will stop her from creating groups)

  • First create a policy called “notallowedtocreategroups” by running Set-OWAMailboxPolicy “notallowedtocreategroups”
  • Then run this command to apply the policy to a specific user :

Set-OWAMailboxPolicy “User1” -OWAMailboxPolicy notallowedtocreategroups

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