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Azure MFA: OWA – Showing Blank Page

We just implemented Claim based Exchange OWA and ECP MFA with the help of our blog here. Our customer is saying MFA prompt is not coming. Basically, ADFS web page is not coming.

Did we just configure all OWA/ECP securing configuration for nothing? Answers is No, we did good.

Let me know explain what is happening here.

Users have cached login URL something like mentioned below.

If we can see the URL, it is going to the Auth directory under OWA which is why is not redirecting to the ADFS.

This is by design and not a bug or issue.

If the user will go to this URL then they will get the OWA login page and after login, everything will be blank. This may make your users complaining and all of a sudden you might have thousands of tickets. So, we should consider this as part of your Azure MFA securing configuration of OWA and ECP.

Here is the resolution step which is nowhere mentioned

We need to configure this on every Exchange server.

  • Open IIS Manager
  • Browse to the Default Web Site à OWA à Auth
  • Double Click on HTTP Redirect
  • Check the checkbox “Redirect requests to this destination”
  • Enter your OWA url something like.


Prabhat Nigam

CTO @ Golden Five


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