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How to send as a Hidden Shared mailbox in Exchange Server

Let’s take a look at a requirement for a shared mailbox to be hidden and also be able to send as that shared mailbox

So, is it even possible to send as a hidden object? The answer is “No”. When we try to send as an object that is hidden it fails since the object is not resolved in the GAL

So how to achieve this

Let’s consider a shared mailbox Shared mailbox

This mailbox is currently not hidden from GAL

Now I am going to give send As rights to one and show that I can send As that user when the shared mailbox is not hidden from GAL

Now I am going to hide the Shared mailbox from GAL

Now let me try to sendAS the shared mailbox

How to make this work

Step 1: Unhide the shared mailbox from GAL, make it visible

Step 2: Go to outlook and search for the shared mailbox in Gal, right click that shared mailbox and add it to your local outlook contacts

Step 3: Again, hide the shared mailbox from GAL

This time it uses the Contact from the local address book and not the GAL, so it would work as expected

Ratish Nair

Microsoft MVP | Exchange Server


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