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Exchange 2016 – Disk Full Issue while migration

There is a known issue while migrating with Local Move request to Exchange 2016 that you may face a disk space issue because the a lot of log files will be created on the database folder.

That mean the disk containing the log file will grow up fast and that will cause failure on sending new mails.

The deletion of these logs manually is not recommended to deal with this solution on exchange.

You can either running the backup solution that you are using to deal with these log or enable the circular logging for it.

The migration batch framework uses the “Migration **-**-**-**-**” arbitration mailbox” to store migration metadata such as batches and migration user information. This behavior generates transaction logs you may facing.

You can get the name of the used arbitration mailbox and its database by the following command

“Get-Mailbox -Arbitration | ft Name,Database”

Then it will be better to leave these mailboxes on the different databases that is used by normal users for normal operations to enable circular logging.

Then you should apply circular logging with the following command

“Set-MailboxDatabase “DatabaseName” -CircularLoggingEnabled $true”

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