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How to create Mailbox folder for other users using Powershell

Let’s take a look at how to create a mailbox folder using powershell command by administrator.

That can be done using the command “New-MailboxFolder” as following examples:

“New-MailboxFolder -Parent Tony:Inbox -Name Personal” that will create the folder Personal under the Inbox folder of Tony’s mailbox.

“New-MailboxFolder -Parent Tony -Name Personal” that will create the folder Personal in the root folder hierarchy of Tony’s mailbox

If no parent folder is specified, the cmdlet creates a mail folder in the root folder hierarchy of the mailbox. If the mailbox isn’t specified, the cmdlet creates the folder in the mailbox of the user currently running the task. When run, the cmdlet returns the new folder name and the folder path as the output.

But if you need to run this task towards the shared mailbox it will not create the required folder, so you will need to use another script “Create-MailboxFolder.ps1” as following:

When you will use this script you can also create a folder for the current user as before “.Create-MailboxFolder.ps1 -RequiredFolders “Folder 1;Folder 2”

But also using this script it will be applicable to create new folders regarding the shared mailbox as following example:

“.Create-MailboxFolder.ps1 -Mailbox “c:mailboxes.txt” -RequiredFolders “Folder 1; Folder 2” -ParentFolder “My Folder””

This will create Folder 1 and Folder 2 within folder My Folder (this folder must already exist in the users’ mailboxes). The mailboxes in which the folders are created are listed in the text file c:mailboxes.txt.

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