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Skype for business – Re-joiner Issue

One of the main issues you may face on skype for business for the re-joiner issue who left the company and rejoin it again.

When the user left the company and his account disabled from skype for business may be some data on active directory not cleared, so when you need to re enable him again you will face an issue as his presence will stuck on presence unknown and can’t work correctly with skype for business.

You should follow the next steps to solve the similar issue:

  • Get the existing user policies from control panel.
  • Use Dbanalyze to get the meta information of the user, below command should be run against all FE servers

    “.dbanalyze.exe /sqlserver:Server FQDN rtclocal /User:SIP Address >c:tempbeforeuserdata.txt”

  • Check SID result it should be the old one that needs to be deleted
  • Disabled user for Lync from control panel.
  • Run ADSIedit – search for the user account and Make sure that all the user attributes that start with “msRTCSIP” are empty “<not set>”
  • Run the clean-up command for all FE servers

    OSQL -S Server FQDN rtclocal -d rtc -E -Q “exec RtcDeleteResource N’SIP Address ‘”

    Note: powershell session should be running as administrator for this task

  • Run Dbanalyze commands again for all FE servers to make sure that there is no data for the mentioned user

    .dbanalyze.exe /sqlserver:Server FQDN rtclocal /User:SIP Address >c:tempAfteruserdata.txt

  • Wait an hour for replication
  • Enable user for lync on the same Pool as the disabled one.
  • Assign the same user policies again.
  • Check user presence from Lync client it shouldn’t be “presence unknown”.

Ratish Nair

Microsoft MVP | Office Servers and Services

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