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EveryCloud’s Phishing Simulation and Advanced Threat Protection

According to research by Verizon, 90% of data breaches are a result of human error. It’s a sobering statistic and highlights the need for businesses to step up their efforts in terms of

Even so, getting a business to recognize that there is the potential for a breach can be difficult. Most of us are confident in our ability to recognize a phishing attack. The stats, however, don’t bear that out. 94% of ransomware attacks are a direct result of phishing. So, perhaps we’re not quite as good at sniffing out phishers as we think.

With the free phishing simulation from EveryCloud, you can test how well you are able to recognize phishing attempts. Complete the form to create your free account and then follow the steps. It’s a simple step-by-step process, and you have the option of customizing both the phishing email and the landing page it leads to.

To make the test even more realistic, go through the setup process and create a scenario that suits your organization. Phishers use social engineering to increase the potential success of their attack, so spend a little time creating your scenario. 

You’ll be surprised at the realistic templates that can be created in this manner. You’ll see templates for a range of big corporates like Apple and PayPal. Use one of these, or, even better base your choice on a trusted client or colleague and see how the staff react. 

Each account is entitled to one of these free tests. During your test, you’ll have access to all the features so that you can see how well it works. It can be a useful tool in highlighting the real danger that phishing poses. If you’re responsible for your company’s data security and need a practical way to illustrate just how sophisticated modern-day phishing attempts are, this is a great tool to use.

The campaign identifies what your phish risk is at the moment. You’ll also receive a detailed report explaining the risk rating and what went into creating it.

What’s the Next Step?

Now that you’ve identified the problem, what is the solution? The next step is to enquire about paid security awareness training from EveryCloud. This training gives your staff a complete grounding in how to better protect themselves and the business from cyberthreats. 

Then it’s time to eliminate as much of the risk as possible. This can be done through EveryCloud’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). This service protects your organization from ransomware, phishing and CEO fraud and many more.

It Combats Targeted Attacks Against Employees

Phishing attacks are becoming a lot more targeted. There are a few different approaches that phishers might employ:

·         Spearphishing Attacks: These are surreptitious attacks that are difficult for standard antivirus programs to identify. They are carefully designed to look like emails from trusted contacts.  

·         CEO Fraud: This is where phishers attempt to gain information by impersonating a senior member of staff.

·         Whaling: These phishing attacks are about having high-value transactions enacted. These are amongst the most difficult attacks to recognize. Because of the high values that we’re talking about, the phishers put a lot of effort into these attacks.

EveryCloud’s ATP system is designed to sniff out these attacks.

Protection Against Ransomware

Ransomware is a form of malware that is difficult to combat once it’s infected a system. The aim of these viruses is not so much to steal data, but rather to lock out your access to your system. In order to regain access, you’ll be required to pay a fee.

EveryCloud uses a combination of an advanced sandbox engine and freezes suspicious emails. This entails the quarantine of suspicious emails for a set period. The emails will only be released once carefully analyzed. The emails are held in the cloud, keeping your servers safe.

Real-Time Alerts

Fast response to an attack is your best line of defense. The system will alert the key personnel that you nominate in real-time to further limit the damage.

Protection Against Blended Attacks

These are dangerous because they use several vectors of attack. You might have a phishing email that has ransomware attached. Hackers also like to multitask. To combat this, EveryCloud uses a range of tools such as URL scanning and rewriting, freezing, and sandboxing.

It’s a Simple Add-On for Extra Protection

Our cloud-based service identifies threats that are attempting to collect information. A real-time alert is then issued so that data loss is prevented. This works hand in hand with the company’s spam and virus filter.

Suspicious files are quarantined and checked carefully. Attachments are opened in a safe virtual environment to ensure that no malware is able to make it through the net. It’s highly effective because it uses multiple defense strategies to block various attack vectors.

Ratish Nair

This is a sponsored post from EveryCloud. I have only posted this because the product is simply amazing with a very advanced UI.

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