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Don’t Miss Out On These Top Seven Announcements From Microsoft Ignite 2019

For anyone who has missed the event or has been keeping too busy to catch up, here’s a quick roundup of the top announcements at Microsoft Ignite 2019.

As always, this year too, Microsoft’s annual conference on cloud technologies and developer tools unveiled some significant updates and ground-breaking news to the IT professionals and decision-makers’ fraternity. Topping the list for me are below seven.

For anyone who has missed the event or has been keeping too busy to catch up, here’s a quick roundup of the top announcements at Microsoft Ignite 2019

Announcement 1: Azure Arc delivers improved control over hybrid cloud environments.

What does this imply?

Most enterprises today are multi-cloud. For larger organizations, especially, managing these environments is becoming a nightmare. Microsoft recognized this challenge and worked towards building a solution that is less restrictive and more of an enabler to its customers. This is where Azure Arc comes into the picture. With Azure Arc, Microsoft is breaking out of its mold and looking at providing holistic value to its customers, one that is not just limited to its platforms. Azure Arc promises to be a consistent management platform across cloud environments. This means that the system will let you manage non-Azure Arc equipment and resources just the way Azure resources are managed, making the management of multiple deployments easier while also enhancing visibility and improving governance.

Announcement 2: Project Cortex to transform knowledge network management in organizations.

What does this imply?

Companies use different tools to document information, and with the amount of data and documents being produced these days, getting a hold of the right ones is becoming growingly difficult. Project Cortex resolves this problem by adding a layer over these tools, helping pull out the correct information and making it accessible to the right people. It also helps identify the subject matter experts corresponding to a given subject. Additionally, the fact that it is integrated with the other Microsoft application makes it more resourceful and easy to use.

Announcement 3: Endpoint Manager eases governance issues in the BYOD era.

What does this imply?

Endpoint Manager, that’s being newly launched by Microsoft, combines the services of ConfigMgr and Intune to manage all employee devices under one unified brand name. At a time when BYOD has become the norm, and attacks on employee devices are on the rise, IT departments have a very critical responsibility at hand. Endpoint Manager simplifies the efforts of IT professionals by giving them a single view of their deployments and making a move to cloud-based device management easier with access to Intune license.

Announcement 4: Chromium-based Edge browser delivers what we need most – privacy.

What does this imply?

An intelligent browser from search and functionality perspective with privacy features being added to it in combination with Bing, Edge by Microsoft has the potential to overthrow Chrome. Just the way Chrome made Internet Explorer redundant a decade ago. In keeping with the expectation of the audience today, Edge promises to deliver speed with advanced privacy-based functionalities.

Announcement 5: Power Virtual Agents for building no-code chatbots.

What does this imply?

It won’t take a developer to build a chatbot anymore. Anyone who works closely with the customer can also build a chatbot combining all the end-user knowledge that they have. Power Virtual Agents uses Azure’s machine learning to create a chatbot with the help of an easy-to-use visual interface.

Announcement 6: Visual Studio now available on web-based browser.

What does this imply?

Microsoft has been taking varied steps to simplify processes for developers, and making Visual Studio available on web-based browser is a step in the same direction. Without having to set up the IDE locally, developers can make quick changes to the codes. And with integrations into GitHub, Microsoft is promising developers a seamless experience.

Announcement 7: Cortana can help get work done.

What does this imply?

Microsoft enables Cortana to level up to be a personal assistant. Cortana that now also has a male voice, can read a summary of what’s in the inbox while also helping flag emails, delete them or compose new ones – just by chatting. Interestingly, Cortana can also send a summary of calendar appointments, emails that need to be answered, and suggest time slots when one can actually get some real work done. From a voice assistant, Microsoft has strategically built on Cortana’s capabilities to make it a tool for enhancing productivity.

To Conclude…

With Satya Nadella taking over, Microsoft is making some unconventional strategic moves to protect its current market position and make its presence felt in newer market segments. This year’s conference was packed with many such updates and announcements that involved risk and are promising at the same time.

Technology Evangelist
Anita Raj
Team @MSExchangeGuru


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