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Inhouse Application Mails are dropped in Junk???

Are you in a situation thinking why my internal mails are going to Junk? More »

Windows Phone 7 is here!

Windows Phone 7 is the latest mobile operating system from Microsoft. More »

Two recipients are configured with the same e-mail address

This often happens where we get NDR 5.1.4 stating “Two recipients are configured with the same e-mail address” in Exchange. More »

Continuous Replication Block Mode (CRBM) and Continuous Replication File Mode (CRFM) with Exchange 2010 SP1 {beta}

CRBM and CRFM are 2 new feature’s in Exchange 2010 SP1. More »

Exchange 2010 SP1 features and improvements

Let’s take a quick look at some of the new/improved features available with Exchange 2010 SP1 Beta release
More »

Move mailbox or restore mailbox fails with error -1056749110

The move mailbox or restore mailbox operation fails with an error -1056749110 More »

Difference between CCR and SCR

This is not a checklist of differences between CCR and SCR in Exchange 2007, but a main one I thought all should be aware. More »

Exchange 2010 OWA: The password supplied does not meet the minimum security requirements. Please contact technical support

Exchange 2010 OWA users starts getting an error while trying to change password through OWA More »

Exchange 2010 database recovery

This article outline’s the steps to restore an exchange database in Exchange 2010, christened Recovery Database for DAG. More »

Exchange 2007 ActiveSync reporting

Increase in the number of mobile users using Exchange ActiveSync has grown rapidly over the years. iPhone and Windows mobile capturing market nowadays, its extremely important for exchange admins to monitor and report their usage real-time. More » in

The Microsoft Exchange team blog has been an inspiration for me and my team from the day we started learning Exchange. More »

MFCMapi latest version released

MFCMapi has been a long time favorite for MS Exchange pro’s. It gives a GUI to access MAPI Stores which helps troubleshoot exchange store issue’s and individual Outlook issues. More »

Hardcoding a domain controller in Exchange 2007

This is the powershell cmdlet to hardcode one or several domain controller for Exchange 2007.

Set-ExchangeServer -Identity “XXXXX” -StaticDomainControllers XXXXX -StaticGlobalCatalogs XXXXX -StaticExcludedDomainControllers XXXXX

More »

OCS issue – Single user unable to receive chat “Snooper.exe” showing “404 Bad request”

Recently I had to troubleshoot and issue where a single user is unable to receive chat in communicator and it works if he initiates a chat session. More »

Sniffer-a K9 on Outlook

Lets have a quick look at a unique feature of Outlook-Sniffer !!!! More »

Exmerge and X500.. A story…

One fine Monday, one of the user walked up to my desk and asked me to take a look at her Outlook. I was so busy that I said I’d visit her desk after lunch. But the user said it is very urgent that I have to take a look at it as she says that her Outlook closes when she opens her e-mails.

More »

Exchange 2007 OAB fails with event id 9301 in the application log

This issue will only arise if your migration process from Exchange 2003 to 2007 was not proper. Run ExBPA before starting your troubleshooting steps. More »

Exchange 2010 ActiveSync user fails with event id 1104

Exchange ActiveSync fails with event id 1104 for a user who has been moved from Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2007. More »

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