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HOW to Fix Duplicate Folders in Outlook

Let’s look at an issue with Outlook user facing Duplicate Folders in Outlook.
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HOW to Fix Out Of Office is not working or revert old message

Let’s look at an issue with Outlook user facing that Out of office is not working or revert old message.
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Error: Outlook couldn’t setup your account. Please try again after Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016 mailbox move

Let’s look at an issue with Outlook user not being able to access Outlook after recent migration.
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Ransomware: Share Your Story

As we know that Ransomware is hitting worldwide.

BBC news shared this. Massive ransomware infection hits computers in 99 counties –

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SQL 2014 Standard: Unable to Install

The customer reported this issue to me and it is not clearly reported or this resolution is not mentioned in any blog. So, I am sharing this experience.
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Azure AD connect Pass-through – Installation and Configuration

Using the same credentials to access your office resources and cloud based services ensure that people / users will not have to remember different credentials for different services. More »

Azure AD connect Installation and Configuration

Let’s take a look at Azure AD Connect installation and config steps
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Windows 2016 & Azure MFA Adapter; Update/Upgrade and why you don’t want one at the moment?

Some of you might have Azure MFA implementations and select few of you might have a requirement to deploy the Azure MFA server on your on-prem for multiple reasons. One such would be to use Azure MFA with AD FS – for instance you want to secure your Outlook WebApp behind AD FS and MFA.

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How to upload a Virtual machine VM to Azure storage

In this blog, we will see how to upload a VHD that was created in on-perm Hyper-v or VMWare to Azure
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How to send as a Hidden Shared mailbox in Exchange Server

Let’s take a look at a requirement for a shared mailbox to be hidden and also be able to send as that shared mailbox
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Unable to see “free/busy” for cross forest Exchange server organizations

Recently worked on an issue Freebusy not viewable for a cross-forest setup
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Azure MFA: Twice MFA for MAC Users

We have deployed the Microsoft Azure MFA in the customer infrastructure. Everything was working fine. MAC users reported Twice MFA. Let us see how did we fix it.
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Azure MFA Failed: NPS Database Corruption

Today we encounter an interesting and weird issue where Azure MFA was not working as expected. Let us see what happened here.
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Delete emails using retention policy in Exchange server

Let’s look at how to create a retention policy to delete emails that are more than 365 days for all the users.

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Windows Azure: How to make VM communicate to the DNS server or DC on Windows Azure

Now following the last blog on How to build a virtual machine on Azure we are not going to see how to make the VMs communicate to the DNS DC servers in the azure.
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Exchange 2016: Error 1603 has no Resolution

In June 2016 I go the following error in upgrading my Exchange 2016 RTM to CU1 and CU2. I got 1603 with CU2 as well. So, we stopped there and didn’t post any blog on upgrading Exchange 2016 CUs because of this error.
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Exchange Management Console error: The attempt to connect to PowerShell using ‘Kerberos’ authentication failed

Admin tried to install EMC and EMS on the exchange server after installing SQL. Firstly, it’s always recommended not to have any other application other than exchange if it is a dedicated exchange box
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Multi-Factor Authentication for RDS Portal Part2

As explained in part 1, we need to use Web access proxy to use Multi-Factor Authentication for RDWeb. Now there are 2 kinds of browsers IE which have active X and non-IE browser which are without active X. There is an expected behavior difference in both browsers. In this blog, I will share the difference, loop hole, and remediation.
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