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How to setup Exchange 2016 Admin Roles

Admin roles are needed in the organization to assign a permission to administrators to manage a specific role such as managing users or databases
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Setting up Exchange 2016 Mailbox Permission

You may need to add mailbox permission for someone as a delegate or for shared mailbox purpose to can access the mailbox (the Full Access permission), or send email messages that appear to come from the mailbox or group (the Send As or Send on Behalf permissions).
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Exchange 2016 Anti-Spam configuration

Before know how to implement Anti-Spam on exchange server 2016 you should understand its criteria as following
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Exchange 2016: Database Size Limit

If you thought database size limit has been removed from Exchange 2016/2013 standard then you were wrong. Let me share more clarity on it.
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New W2012 DC in W2008 AD: Failed (DFSRDiag is New Gold)

Most of you know I live in Hollywood so let me give this blog little Hollywood touch which might make it more interesting. I would say DFSRDiag tool is new Gold. Here is the reason.
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Exchange 2016 Data Loss Prevention explained

DLP “Data Loss Prevention” can be considered as customized transport rule that is ready to be used to secure the critical data.
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Internal Relay mailflow setup in Exchange 2016

Let’s take a look at a scenario where Orgn A ( acquired Orgn B ( and you are tasked with setting up Orgn A’s exchange server to accept all emails from the internet for both the Org’s
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Outlook known issues in the June 2017 Security Updates

Some of you are already aware of the issue, but I just wanted share with you. More »

Exchange 2016 Distribution Groups

There are two types of the Groups in Exchange server 2016 as below
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Exchange 2016 Mailbox types – create a new mailbox using powershell

There are some types of the mailboxes in Exchange server 2016 as below
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Exchange Server 2016 installation step by step

Before you install Microsoft Exchange Server 2016, you need to prepare your Active Directory forest and domains
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Exchange Server 2016 Overview and Requirements

The server Roles for Exchange server change from the one version of exchange to the next one, in the following will describe the new architecture for exchange server 2016.
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Exchange Server: .Net Framework 4.7 Do Not Install Right Now

Microsoft has recently released.Net Framework 4.7 which is getting installed with your window update.
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HOW to Fix Duplicate Folders in Outlook

Let’s look at an issue with Outlook user facing Duplicate Folders in Outlook.
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HOW to Fix Out Of Office is not working or revert old message

Let’s look at an issue with Outlook user facing that Out of office is not working or revert old message.
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Error: Outlook couldn’t setup your account. Please try again after Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016 mailbox move

Let’s look at an issue with Outlook user not being able to access Outlook after recent migration.
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Ransomware: Share Your Story

As we know that Ransomware is hitting worldwide.

BBC news shared this. Massive ransomware infection hits computers in 99 counties –

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SQL 2014 Standard: Unable to Install

The customer reported this issue to me and it is not clearly reported or this resolution is not mentioned in any blog. So, I am sharing this experience.
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