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Restore Database of Server A to Server B

In Exchange, it a known issue that we cannot mount or restore database of one server to another. The Database Portability feature in makes it possible in Exchange 2007 but for Exchange 2003 there is a procedure to tackle this situation.

Before I get into the topic, will talk a bit about Database Portability feature in E2K7. This feature enables organizations to mount or restore databases of any server to any target server as long as both of them reside in the same exchange organization. Public folder databases should be replicated to a target database/server instead of using portability feature.

To know more:

Database Portability:

Restore an Exchange-aware online streaming backup of the database, redirecting the restore location to a different server

For this method to work, the new server must be configured with a storage group and logical database whose names are identical to those on the original server.

For example, you make an online backup of a database on Server A with the logical name “Mailbox Store (A)” in storage group “First Storage Group”. You may then create a storage group called “First Storage Group” on Server B, and then create a database in that storage group called “Mailbox Store (A).”
Then restore the online backup, changing the restore location to Server B, and the backup will be restored to the matching storage group and logical database names on Server B.

Points to note:

1. Both the servers should be under the same Organization and same Administrative Group.
2. Need not worry about the Distinguished Name of the database since the same has no relevance in this case.

Moving an Exchange Mailbox Database to Another Server or Storage Group:


2 Responses to “Restore Database of Server A to Server B”

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  2. kris Says:


    I wanted to know on different Scenario as below:

    I wanted to move Exchange Mailbox Database from one Storage Device(SD1) to Other Storage Device(SD2) (Storage Make is different).
    My LAB Scenario is: > Exchange Server 2007 have database located on LUNs L,M,N, provided through Storage Device(SD1).
    > Storage Admin have Provided additional LUNs on the same Exchange Server node S,T,U, through Storage Device(SD2).
    > Is it possible to move database located on LUNs L,M,N, to S,T,U,? & Will it work?
    (As I know that On the same Storage it is possible to move database path from one Drive to other).
    > In My scenario there is Two different storage.
    Please guide the other possible way to do the same.

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