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OCS issue – Single user unable to receive chat “Snooper.exe” showing “404 Bad request”

Recently I had to troubleshoot and issue where a single user is unable to receive chat in communicator and it works if he initiates a chat session.


  1. Client is shown online in communicator
  2. When you try to initiate a chat session, it fails immediately
  3. If the client initiates one session of his own, it works from then

Resolution (it look me hours to reach here):

Enabled logging in communicator and read the trace with Snooper.exe. It showed “404 Bad request”

I took an LDP dump of the client with a working user and saw that all that was different was an entry in IP PHONE.

So, ADUC –>Telephones tab–>IP Phone–>Other–> “Entry inside others” was removed

Please dont ask me what caused it. It just worked…

Snooper.exe helps you analyze SIP and C3P protocol logs, including those generated by OCSLogger.exe.come with the “Office Communications Server 2007 Resource Kit Tools” found here.

The Resource Kit includes documentation for using the tool. Its no rocket science.

Ratish Nair
MVP Exchange
Team @MSExchangeGuru

One Response to “OCS issue – Single user unable to receive chat “Snooper.exe” showing “404 Bad request””

  1. Peter Says:

    Dear friend, this issue took major part of my weekend as the user in questions was our VP. I really thank you a lot for this solution and you are doing a great job.
    I dont know how to run Snooper. Is it a tool to troubleshoot these issue’s? Can you provide a document for that ?

    Thanks to google for pulling your website at the right time.

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