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TechNet Offline?

Have you ever wondered how to take such a nice library offline? One of  the trainees here wondered how to read the TechNet articles offline. I decided to google, bing and yahoo on this before I develop one, myself for you see, I’m always way too lazy! 🙂


Named Props Quota in Exchange 2007, SP1 RU8 and beyond

Ratish post here has already detailed about Named Props Quota and the trouble it creates for the Admins in Exchange 2003 and 2007 and so, I am not going to dive into it now. But the good news is that Exchange 2007 SP1 RU7 and Exchange 2007 SP2 has got in some improvements, but at the same time, not with problems.


Exchange 2007: Operation terminated with error -939586631 The restore environment information isn’t found or cannot be opened

Exchange 2007 restore process fails with the following error­­­­ -939586631 (more…)

Cluadmin in Windows 2008

How to open Failover Cluster management in Windows 2008 OS? (more…)

Clean-MailboxDatabase in Exchange 2013

Clean-MailboxDatabase in Exchange 2013 (more…)

Inhouse Application Mails are dropped in Junk???

Are you in a situation thinking why my internal mails are going to Junk? (more…)

Windows Phone 7 is here!

Windows Phone 7 is the latest mobile operating system from Microsoft. (more…)

Two recipients are configured with the same e-mail address

This often happens where we get NDR 5.1.4 stating “Two recipients are configured with the same e-mail address” in Exchange. (more…)




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