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Alert for Virus – **CRITICAL **CRITICAL **CRITICAL**

Create a Transport rule or block this subject on your filtering RIGHT NOW.

“”””Here you have“””” or “”””Just For you”””””
An email is a link to a pdf file, which inturn points to an external URL ending in a .scr file. 

It propagates itself by sending out to everyone in the GAL as fast as it can from the mailbox of the user who clicks on the link. 

Create a Transport rule that “silent delete” any mail containing this subject or filter this subject on your mail filtering program.
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  1. dp Says:


  2. Mark Says:

    Hey Ratish. You are a life saver.

  3. Roger Jun Says:

    Hello MSExchangeGuru,
    This post was timely for me. I thank myself for subscribing to your website.

    Rojer J

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