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Exchange 2007 Disaster Recovery – How To???

This outlines the step to move an old server to a new one or to restore a crashed server.

Permissions Required:-

Member of the Local Administrators group of the target server
Exchange server Administrator role in the organization


1. Reset the domain computer account for the lost server. To do this:
            • Open ADUC
            • Locate the computer for the lost server
            • Right-click the computer and then click Reset Account
2. Configure the new hardware and install the OS from the Windows 2003 Server 64-bit media.
3. Ensure all the windows components and service packs for the corresponding server roles are applied.
4. Give the new server the same name as the lost server and join it to the domain and reboot.
5. Now install the Exchange 2007 by running Setup.exe with the RecoverServer switch. To do this:
            • Open command Prompt
            • Navigate to the directory or media contain the Exchange 2007 setup files.
            • Type /M:RecoverServer
6. Exchange setup files will automatically check the prerequisites and begin to configure the exchange 2007 server role by reading the configuration information from AD.

More Information:
During the recovery process, the switch looks for the attribute msExchCurrentServerRoles. The value of this attribute on the server object indicates the roles that were configured on the server object prior to crash.

Below are the server roles and its corresponding values:-

Mailbox 2
Client Access(CAS) 4
Unified Messaging 16
Hub Transport 32
Edge Transport 64

Things to remember before performing Server Recovery:

            • Client Access server: capture the IIS configuration data to an XML file, verify that the transport queues are drained, shut down the old server, and then restore the IIS settings from the XML file after the new server is brought up.
            • Mailbox server: Back up all the Exchange 2007 databases on the existing server, shut down the old server, and then restore the Exchange 2007 databases on the new server.
            • Unified Messaging server: Back up the Prompts directory, shut down the old server, and then restore the Prompts directory on the new server.
            • Edge Transport server: Capture the configuration data to an XML file using cloned configuration tasks, verify that the transport queues are drained, bring the new server online, run Setup, restore the server configuration using cloned configuration tasks, and then run the EdgeSync process to synchronize with Active Directory.


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