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Powershell outputs shows dots in Exchange management shell

One of our readers came to me with this question. Well, I could answer it in a moment, but couldnt find a lot of traces on the internet.


While running a powershell cmdlet, the outputs contain dots as if there is something more but I dont want to display it?

An example is,

Get-PublicFolder -recurse |fl name,replicas

The output expected is a list of all public folder and their replica’s in a formal of Name and Replica, but the shell window wont display them all in a short and displays dots.


This behaviour is by default and controlled by an entry $FormatEnumerationLimit which is 16 by default. This entry is stored in the Exchange.ps1 file located in the bin folder.

Can I edit this ?

Answer is no. The Exchange.ps1 file should be left like it is or it might fail to load the next time you run it (best practice).


If powershell is going to give you outputs with dots, for that session alone you can edit and make the $FormatEnumerationLimit value to -1 which will let us see the output unlimited

To do this,

Open Exchange powershell and type:

[PS] C:\XXXXX\>$FormatEnumerationLimit
This will give us the output as 16

Now type:

[PS] C:\XXXXX\>$FormatEnumerationLimit =-1
This will make the entry unlimited for that session

To confirm the entry is updated, type “$FormatEnumerationLimit” again and the output will show as -1.

Now type the cmdlet which gave you output with dots and it will work flawless. Piping it to a txt file will be a better option.

Ratish Nair
MVP Exchange
Team@ MSExchangeGuru

3 Responses to “Powershell outputs shows dots in Exchange management shell”

  1. Powershell output incomplete with dots « Says:

    […] Powershell outputs shows dots in Exchange management shell: […]

  2. Walid AlMoselhy Says:

    I was banging my head against the wall looking for reason of this behavior! Thanks a lot.

  3. Rajendra Sonawane Says:

    There is one more thing that we can use below parameter and get full detail

    Ft -autosize -wrap,


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