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Exchange 2010 SP1 Outlook web app features

In this article I have tried to explain the overall experience of using the new Exchange 2010 SP1 Outlook web app features. The core focus that amazed me in the new outlook web app is the performance improvement using cache and silver light technology.

  • Improvised message view where you can track the messages in the thread of the conversation and the selected message is highlighted (Shadow effect) to give you a clearer view.
  • Introduction of 27 new themes that can easily be picked from the new themes picker button under options.
  • Reading pane can be placed based on your choice as felt in outlook.
  • Message auto save introduced in Exchange 2010 SP1 Outlook web app. The AutoSaved draft is displayed with the timestamp.
  • Ability to add inline images and size it grounded on your best.
  • Calendar sharing to the web that was fondly requested is now in place. This enables the ability of share calendar with non-exchange users.
  • Outlook Web app enables calendar printing empowering you to visualize it as you want on paper.
  • Enhancement in Out of Office allows you to Set external/internal message and from/to range.
  • Messages containing multiple attachments can be downloaded in bulk using the “Download All Attachments” which will result in a single zip file. Having Silverlight installed, you don’t have to wait while you upload attachments in the message you are composing.
  • It allows users with the setting user must change password at next logon to use OWA to change an expired password.
  • OCS instant messaging has been tightly integrated into Outlook Web App with little configuration done on the OWA Virtual directory and OCS integration.

Smitha J

Team@ MSExchangeGuru

2 Responses to “Exchange 2010 SP1 Outlook web app features”

  1. Benson Says:

    Thanks for all these updates. Do you know how to intergrate OCS Chat into webapp?
    Thanks for al te hardwork.

  2. Smitha Says:

    Integration involves multiple steps to be followed both on the CAS and the OCS. If you are looking for step by step summarization, check out the below 2 part article written by Anderson Patricio.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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