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How to Send Email using Distribution List in Exchange Server 2003 and 2007

There are companies who prefer to use Distribution list as a sender. The people who use such features are either into “Support or Sales”. In our scenario we will be using distribution group name as “Support”. (more…)

Recover an Exchange 2010 Mailbox using DPM 2010

I just thought of sharing a cmdlet which every exchange pro should have handy wrt recovering an E2010 mailbox using DPM 2010 (more…)

Export Contacts folder to a PST in Exchange 2007

Is it possible to export items of a particular folder in the mailbox to a PST rather than having the entire mailbox exported? Yes, indeed. However, it cannot be directly exported to a PST. It can only be exported to another user mailbox that has full access of the mailbox. (more…)

Blackberry service books – What does “What”?

Service books in Blackberry – Why I do need to know about service book in Blackberry? (more…)

Duplicate contacts in Blackberry?

Have you ever come across situations while customers are frustrated with duplicate contacts in their address book and expect you to fix it in minutes? (more…)

How Exchange 2010 deals with whitespace

With Exchange 2007 and older versions, one of the key elements that an Exchange administrator needed to keep an eye on, and caused confusion for newcomers to Exchange was the amount of white space in the database. (more…)

Exchange 2010 SP1 IPD on air !!!

This IPD walks an IT architect through a step-by-step process for successfully designing an Exchange Server 2010 infrastructure. (more…)




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