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Duplicate contacts in Blackberry?

Have you ever come across situations while customers are frustrated with duplicate contacts in their address book and expect you to fix it in minutes?

I have faced this and went crazy over this issue. Below is what you can do when you are going nuts like me.

You can reset the address book from the device, which completely clears the address book and repopulates it based on the Blackberry Enterprise Server information:

1. On the Blackberry device, go to Contacts and open Options.

2. Type: rset (there isn’t a field to type it in, just type it while Options is open.)

3. Confirm that you want to wipe the contacts.

The address book will then appear blank, but will soon repopulate with the current contact information.

Note: Wireless sync has to be enabled.

You can also delete the service book – “Desktop [ALP] or BlackBerry [ALP]*” on the device prior to rset.

To do this:-

1. In the device options, click Advanced Options.

2. Click Service Book.

3. Highlight the service book – Desktop [ALP] or BlackBerry [ALP]*

4. Click the trackwheel or menu button

5. Click Delete.

When you delete the service book, make a point to resend the service book from the BB server.

Smitha J
Team @MSExchangeGuru

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  1. Anand Kumar Deva Says:

    Thx, Cool Smitha

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    Really this blog helped me a lot…any how Thanks smitha..

  3. sofia Says:

    Helo, how can i duplicate contacts on blackberry? Thanks

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