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Paul’s Exchange 2003 to 2010 migration guide – Review by MSExchangeGuru

So you’re planning to migrate your corporate messaging system from Exchange 2003 to 2010?

Paul Cunningham, owner and author for a popular website on Microsoft Exchange- released his book “Exchange 2003 to 2010 migration guide”.

I got an opportunity to read and post my review on the guide. So here we go,

The migration guide mainly focuses on the following areas:

1.       Planning and testing

2.       Preparing and configuring pre-requisites including Active directory

3.       Configuring legacy system/applications for co-existence

4.       Migration – step by step

5.       Configuring CAS, HUB and MBX servers and their placements

6.       Configuring CAS for load balancing

7.       Configuring ISA for exchange use

8.       Decommissioning old systems

9.       Running exchange 2010 tools for optimal performance

Now, is this it? No.

Paul shares his extensive real-world experience in an easy-to-understand language explicitly meeting the needs of an Exchange administrator who desires to maintain a production Exchange environment that exhibits incredible service levels, high availability, manageability, and scalability. His work is a comprehensive and insightful collection of how to respond to issues directing towards updating email address policies and GAL information, creating and managing SSL certificates, testing Autodiscover, mailflow, backup/restore, public folder access, free-busy information, configuring routing group for internal and external mailflow and a lot more.

When reading such a  well-researched and well-written works, it can take your breath away to realize just how much research the author has put in to frame , shape and write the script. Well this is indeed such a piece of work. It indeed measures up high in terms of the aspects it starts probing, the analysis it does, the strata it works on and the directions it gives for reaching your final destinations. I personally feel that this is one “must have” guide for all exchange migration project team since we tend to ignore some of the most important elements which will play a critical role in the smooth operation of our corporate messaging infrastructure.

Everyone loves spoon feeding. Paul has also prepared a Migration and Testing “Checklist/Worksheet” which lets admins make a note of the things which I think is absolutely mandatory. It indeed has a high professional touch making it one perfect must have addition indeed. You could find lot of amazing solutions for your most of tasks that you perform; you name it from installation and maintenance to configuration and optimization.

In the course of a book Paul presents a variety of information and viewpoints. The guide also has an in depth explanation of RPC Client access array and DAG’s – the 2 new critical components of Exchange 2010.

Overall, Paul did an absolutely fantastic job authoring the ebook and the MSExchangeGuru team congratulates his efforts.

I also want to thank Paul for giving me the opportunity to review the ebook, it has been a sheer pleasure reading such an amazing piece of good assimilated facts in one piece J

Find more information about the ebook @

FAQ’s about the book, answered by Paul:

  • How different is it from other books

    The guide is an outcome of several real-time migration projects and focuses on the most common migration scenarios and getting it done quickly and efficiently

  • Focus areas

    For any project, a well planned strategy is inevitable. Even though we may have PMP’s driving the project, analyzing the various technical aspects remain very important. The guide focuses on doing a well planned, smooth migration from Exchange 2003 to 2010 without causing a disaster in your Exchange environment

  • Opportunity for audience to clear their doubts

    I made sure I covered the most common migration concerns I surveyed over 1000 people for what they were most worried about with upgrading to Exchange 2010.  The ebook also has a 30 day money back guarantee if anyone feels that it was not right for them.

Ratish Nair
MVP Exchange
Team @MSExchangeGuru

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