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Search for specifc words in huge log files or txt files

So you have a text/log file which is about 200MB? 800MB? 1GB? 2GB? Ok the data is in there, but how you gonna search for what you want? Now what if I have about 100 files 2GB each? Oops… (more…)

Setting up static ports for Exchange 2010 CAS Server and Mailbox Server

CAS server or Client access server was introduced in Exchange 2007. With Exchange 2010, users/outlook/MAPI clients connect to the RPC Client Access service on the Client Access Server to access mailbox information from a mailbox server. (more…)

TechEd 2011 sessions on Microsoft Exchange 2010

MSExchangeGuru’s best picks from TechEd 2011 Microsoft Exchange 2010 sessions… (more…)

Automating mailbox location tracing for Microsoft Exchange mixed mode

“Someone” deleted a user account from your AD environment and now you’ve been asked to restore it. (more…)

Powershell cmdlet to track emails send to one specific email id/mailbox/DL

This is not a new cmdlet but I customized it a bit so that we get some “presentable” output (more…)

Delete an email message from a list of mailboxes

Please have this script handy coz you wont have time to sit n search for this in the event of a requirment (more…)

Find users who sent emails to one specific domain

This is a quick one. This cmdlet will help you search the message tracking logs on the hub transport server to see who send emails to external email domains. (more…)




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