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Where is Cloud heading?

Is 2020 on, really the era of machines and no more humans? An era of automation and more unemployment? Rise of machines and fall of man???? …… (more…)

Error: User is in delete pending state on server please recover the user before adding user to server.

When we try to add a user to Blackberry Enterprise server, we end up getting the error as shown (more…)

Here come’s Office 365!!!

Microsoft has officially launched the worldwide availability of Office 365 today (more…)

Event ID 12014 – Microsoft Exchange could not find a certificate

This article outlines the steps involved to renew and enable and new certificate and remove old one from Exchange Management Shell. (more…)

DR: Windows 2003 Forest Recovery

We need to follow the below mentioned steps to recover an active directory forest (more…)

MSExchangeTeam Blog Exchange 2010 Videos

MSExchangeTeam has just released a set of videos on the MSExchangeTeam Blog covering fundamentals on Exchange Server 2010. (more…)


This is just FYI on a cmdlet which I use daily – Test-MapiConnectivity! (more…)

E2K7:Add/Remove email id for bulk users

Create new email address policy and filter with ldap filter but ldap filter will work only if any attribute is common or we will have to write very long ldap query . (more…)

iOS 5 Beta issues with Exchange ActiveSync mailbox policy

Apple released their iOS5 OS for developers which is in its Beta version. (more…)

Automated meeting responses not processing for external users

This one is to address an issue where automated meeting responses are not processed from Room mailboxes to external email addresses (more…)

Count Powershell output

Question – How many exchange servers in your organization? Easy to count? (more…)

Exchange hub transport “Mail.que” file large in size

I had to deal with a “huge” mail.que file this morning and thought of letting you know how to handle similar issues. (more…)



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