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DR: Windows 2003 Forest Recovery

We need to follow the below mentioned steps to recover an active directory forest

1. Disconnect all Domain Controllers from the network.
2. Select a root Domain Controller for recovery.
3. Restore the systemstate of forest root domain’s Domain Controller with the option of
non-authoritative restore of AD DS &
an authoritative restore of SYSVOL.
4. Post restore restart the domain controller in the normal mode
5. Configure DNS and restart netlogon service to see the dns has populated.
6. Remove GC from Active Directory site and services
7. Seize operations master roles from ntdsutil
8. Increase RID pool to 100000 using ldp.
9. Do metadata cleanup for all other DCs of the same domain.
10. Twice reset computer account password by following command
netdom resetpwd /server:<domain controller name> /userD:administrator /password:*
11. Twice Reset krbtgt password by right clicking the user in ADUC.
12. Twice Reset trust password by running the command bellow:
netdom trust <parent domain name> /domain:<child domain name> /resetOneSide /passwordT:<password> /userO:administrator /passwordO:*
13. Do the same for child domains 1st Domain controller.
14. For child domains reset trust password command (Step 12) will change to below:
netdom trust <child domain name> /domain:<parent domain name> /resetOneSide /passwordT:<password> /userO:administrator /passwordO:*
15. Once child is up and running connect all the recovered DCs of all the domains to the network.
16. Enable GC on the Root DC using Active directory site and services.
17. Once GC completes the promotion then start installing other Dcs of all domain using DCpromo

Prabhat Nigam (Wizkid)
Team@ MSExchangeGuru

4 Responses to “DR: Windows 2003 Forest Recovery”

  1. Tibonila Says:

    You’re really a pro in this arena. Many thanks.

  2. Prabhat Says:

    Thank you Tibonila

  3. Shadab Ahmad Says:

    Sir can you please share me a draft of any XYZ company forest recovery plan. Thanks in advance as i need to prepare a forest recovery plan for a customer


  4. Wizkid Says:


    make your lab and try the steps mentioned above, let me know if you get stuck somewhere.

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