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Where is Cloud heading?

Is 2020 on, really the era of machines and no more humans? An era of automation and more unemployment? Rise of machines and fall of man???? ……

Every time the blend of IT and Business happens, there is always the inauguration of impacts on Employment. A new ingredient in technology which promises to revolutionize business functioning, always welcomes doors for a lesser people demand.

Cloud Computing is a rephrased form of outsourcing with an automation angle. With so much automation in Cloud Computing, the need for people is going to be a little lesser, true. It gives the freedom to do multidimensional tasks, with phenomenally intricate ease, implying you do huge with hugely less complications. The real question lies in the fact that, does automation substitute human, is it going to drive more unemployment? Any new technological advancement paves the way for more convenience in sync with enhancing the pendulums for expertise, knowledge and skills. It’s always about raising the level of expectations not just with technology but human skillset as well, survival of the fittest in its truest sense…

Cloud Computing is something like utility computing. As per a firm, it gets  power and storage, these two being the most fundamental and the incorrigible, no more headaches maintaining huge data centers and ultimately with pay as u go model, you save money huge! As per a consumer, the biggest being mobility, get whatever you want, wherever you want!!!!

All the big guys are working towards Cloud Computing. The opportunity here lies in the fact the cloud computing just can’t be imbibed by Small and Medium Enterpries’s right away. They do need a section of people which would convert this cloud adaptability to their specific work broadly called as IT infrastructure transformation as per cloud.

A firm exerting a monopoly??
With regards to economies of scale, we can say that it really wouldn’t be possible for one particular firm to exert a monopoly in the market as the needs and wants of each Small and Medium Enterprise is specific. So whether the possibility of Microsoft making a monopoly and Amazon continuing its success history is something not possible in the long run at all…Cut throat competition is what is seen in Cloud Computing.

Barriers to entry??

It increases the birth of Small and Medium Enterprises tremendously given the cost barrier being taken care foremost. The essence of a Small and Medium Enterprise lies entirely in its adaptability to new changing technological market scenarios yet at the same time, their size makes them less susceptible to high costs. Let’s not forget that money a firm saves through Cloud Computing is huge. But is not true that, whatever money a firm saves, it invests it back in its own business?? This paradoxical expansion will axe out the loss of IT maintenance staff perfectly through the expansion of businesses. Thus Cloud Computing is an exponential increase to growth of demand, not a subtractor!!

Bottom line is…

Its oft said in media that ,internet shattered the music industry, Google took over the entire media industry by storm and now what’s being said is ,cloud based firms will make the well stabilized myriad industries stumble. Cloud Computing technology propagates more on the lower propulsion of money for barriers of entry and economies of scale for Small and Medium Enterprises to a great extent, dependent on micro and macro-economic factors and policies which are uncertain at the moment. So what ultimately holds is, when there is going to be reduction of jobs in some , sprout of newer Small and Medium Enterprises will generate more diverse set of jobs in others. Before the advent of Cloud Computing, we never had the need for Cloud Computing management admins or Cloud Computing management platforms or software professionals’ right?

Somewhere a change has to be there always, and let’s not forget the newer sectors cropping up cons of Cloud Computing.  There is always the law of creation, edition, sophistication, deletion and somewhere, conservation of jobs as does the law of change.

Let’s not be hypothetical in our thinking now, it’s time we start moving towards a change that’s progressive. Let’s not just restrict ourselves in IT to just fixing or trouble shooting problems or maintaining performance any further.
Cloud Computing could in fact offer lot of techies an opportunity to venture into different diverse domains as well rather than just remaining in one niche. IT is something that goes beyond all that. As a responsible IT pro, isn’t it our responsibility to help firms not stabilize economical factors and performance.

Cloud Computing can be a perfect catalyst for progression and sophistication!!!!!!!!!

Anita Raj
Technology evangelist
Team @MSExchangeGuru

4 Responses to “Where is Cloud heading?”

  1. Sadique Says:

    in one line …. Jack of All = master of cloud 🙂

  2. Ryan Says:

    Neatly written. Do you foresee this change by 2020 or in near future? What are the resources you used to claim this?
    Good work.

  3. Anita Raj Says:

    Sadique@ 🙂 yeh it indeed is Jack of All, but with a difference, that it delivers as well not just claims.. 🙂

    Ryan@ thanks for the feedback..appreciated..!I foresee the change in near future… The resources used are primarily studies, emperical statistics and anticipated technology and economic growth reports in sync with observed SMEs where it was utilised and monitored… 🙂

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