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Query windows service status remotely

I was working on tuning SCOM for Exchange and reached a point where SCOM services where stopped on some/more servers. Well, we got the heartbeat functionality with SCOM, but thought I’d write a script to check status of services remotely.

So we are trying to:

Query a windows service with displayname OpsMgr Health Service and name
HealthService on all servers in a txt file

The output will reflect the Servername, Service Name, Startup Type and current state

  1. Create a folder and name it Scripts
  2. Create a txt file with the name of all servers you need to query the status and name it ServerList.txt
  3. Open Powershell, navigate to scripts folder and type:

Get-WmiObject win32_service -filter “Name=’HealthService'” -comp (gc ServerList.txt) | select __Server, Name, Startmode, State

     4. If you are only interested in getting the output with servers with the service stopped, run this:

Get-WmiObject win32_service -filter “Name=’HealthService’ and State=’Stopped'” -comp (gc ServerList.txt) | select __Server, Name, Startmode, State

Ratish Nair
MVP Exchange
Team @MSExchangeGuru

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  1. Abid Says:

    can you make it more detail, i try to run by adding some more lines so that it should send email whenever the service state is stopped.

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