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Exchange 2010 training

So you wanna learn Exchange 2010 and don’t know where to start? Ok, here we go…

I got some emails lately asking resources to learn exchange 2010. Though I do take certification exams, I am not a big fan of learning just to pass a certification. Rather, do your learning and take the exam to see where you stand.

Here are some resources I thought of putting together to kick off your “LONG” pending Exchange 2010 learning.

1. TechNet Library: Yeah you heard it right. There is a lot in there but as the name implies, it’s indeed a library. You could just search for Exchange 2010 and start from the top. TechNet library covers topics in a way you which will let you link from one topic to another. Start off and see how you proceed and later make an agenda.TechNet Library can be accessed here

2. TechNet pre-configured VHD: You didn’t know one existed? This is FYI then… These are nothing but some pre-configured virtual hard discs you can use to build your own server and play with it. Now this is a good learning experience provided you built it as suggested in the document.VHD files can be downloaded here

3. TechNet Virtual Labs: I have mentioned this before. These are a set of pre-configure labs to give you an idea and help you explore the products. TechNet virtual labs can be accessed here.

4. Technet Webcasts: Webcasts are delivered by Microsoft program managers, product team, escalation engineers. This is all you need to be an expert. TechNet Webcasts can be accessed here

5. Subscribe to KB websites: Another good source of learning and keeping yourself updated with whats happening around the exchange world is to subscribe to websites like, and maybe…

Happy learning. 🙂

Ratish Nair
MVP Exchange
Team @MSExchangeGuru

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10 Responses to “Exchange 2010 training”

  1. John Mayor Says:

    Thanks Ratish

  2. Ritin Says:

    Thank you Ratish

  3. Amar Says:

    Thanks a ton Ratish…

  4. Nuno Mota Says:

    Hi Ratish,

    Another great and useful post, thank you!
    Do you have any suggestions regarding how to study for MCM: Exchange? Excluding the recommended pre-reading from Microsoft…
    Thank you!

  5. Ratish Sekhar Says:

    @Nuno – I wish I had an answer. As you know MCM is a prerequisite for Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) certification. It covers all advanced topics on all roles of exchange – Mailbox, CAS, HT, UM, Edge, not just one/some. Now on top of this, candidate should also know AD, DNS, Networking concepts and all other dependencies of Exchange.. I know youre a master in scripting – that plays a role too.

    To answer your question – MCM classes are delivered by people who design the “actual” product or who possess similar caliber. I dont know anyone who cleared the exam without taking classes in Microsoft campus in Redmond. Again, if someone wish to take up the exam, they could do so without taking classes.

  6. Nuno Mota Says:

    Hi Ratish, Thank you for your reply!
    I would love to take the training, but the price makes it impossible for now… I was looking for something to prepare me for it on top of the recommended reading, but there is nothing (the pre-reading is basically everything!)…
    Guess I’ll have to wait until I have the money! lol

  7. Kyln Says:

    Grade A stuff. Thank you soo much

  8. Urmila Says:

    Hi Ratish,

    May i know what basic concepts one must know before enrolling for exchange certification/clases.

  9. Prabhat Nigam Says:

    Hi Urmila,

    You should have good knowledge of active directory and DNS.

  10. Mohammed M. Shaikh Says:

    Thank you Ratish for this great post.

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