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Microsoft Exchange 2010 PowerShell Cookbook Review

This is a review for Microsoft Exchange 2010 PowerShell Cookbook released by

First and foremost of all, the book is authored by Mike Pfeiffer who is an MCM Exchange 2010 and an Exchange MVP.

This book talks about the integration of PowerShell with Exchange. In its adept style of a cookbook, it jumps straight onto the concepts which explain what ingredients you need, what sequence you need to carry out and extra “tit bits” on making things a little better.

Mike was successful in explaining step-by-step on what scripting with Exchange means and how it can add value to your current job. He has covered scripting wrt CAS, HUB and Mailbox roles so that we know what to concentrate and how to mix n match with an ease of reading that’s remarkable indeed. The book is a great resource and is aimed at taking you through all the key areas that as an administrator in Exchange you ought to be aware , perhaps covering wide areas not just AD. Mike’s approach in talking about Powershell fundamentals; how to write scripts and functions, schedule scripts, several concepts of Powershell is a must read. The scripts in the book are a good way of ensuring the health of your Exchange and having ways to keep good availability as well.

It’s got some real nice valuable info which will definitely add value in your Exchange collection. Overall, I would say, it’s a great book with great Powershell recipes to have!

You can purchase a copy here

Ratish Nair
MVP Exchange
Team @MSExchangeGuru

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    Can you please suggest any online link or ebook to learn Exchange server 2010,2013 shell for beginners

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