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Maintaining Good Exchange Performance

Most organizations today are heavily reliant on email. Exchange performance problems or system outages can quickly have a negative impact a business, causing customer service problems and costing money. This post explores some ways to ensure Microsoft Exchange performance remains and consistent and the service reliable. (more…)

Windows8 highlights – What’s new and what you should know

Virtualization will take the indubitable, unbelievable heights with the dramatically radical changes, wow features in Windows8. If this surprised you big, guys, this is just the beginning of this article, the splendid surprises are waiting which will start astonishing you all the more, I bet you on that. (more…)

JBODS and EXCHANGE 2010- Have you attempted them?

We today stand in a vestibule enormous technological front.  To my amazement, though there have been consistent drives and resistance in adapting technological changes, once proved and adapted, the change makes a significant impact for all. (more…)

Unable to access Public folder via outlook in Exchange 2010 environment.

I was tiredly walking into work today and was praying to have a nice shift. Then the user phone line started buzzing and I picked the call heart broken. (more…)



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