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4 Reasons to Establish an Email Retention Policy

Many companies are scrambling to create and enforce a good email retention policy for various valid reasons. (more…)

Errors in running MSDT (a.k.a Microsoft Support Diagonostics Tool) on a Windows 2008 R2.


Found this after so much of search and so I thought I’ll pen it down for anyone who might be looking for something related to this.


Delete emails from mailboxes – Exchange 2007

The following outlines the steps to delete emails from a set of mailboxes in Exchange 2007. (more…)

Activating SCR and recovering e-mails from a dead Transport server database!

To skip all the blah-blah-blahs and jump directly to the procedure of Activating SCR click here and for Recovering e-mails from a transport server, click here.


Exchange Server 2010 SP2 download out now!!!

Following the announcement from Exchange server team back in May, Exchange server 2010 SP2 is out and available for download here (more…)




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