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How to perform DirSync resync for Forefront Online Protection for Exchange

FOPE or Forefront Online Protection for Exchange is undoubtedly one of the best email gateway services available in market. (more…)

Install SSL certificate on EDGE Transport server role for TLS

EDGE transport server installation by default comes with a self-signed certificate. If we need to use a certificate issued by an internal windows certification authority server, follow this article. (more…)

Lepide Exchange Manager for Microsoft Exchange

Ever faced the nightmare of you left all alone on a Friday evening with a corrupt exchange database without a good backup with your VP’s mailbox on it?


Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Preview Installation

The preview version of Microsoft Exchange is out now and available for download: (more…)

Microsoft Exchange 2013 out now !!!

Here comes a preview of Microsoft Exchange 2013… (more…)

Microsoft Surface Vs iPad

Communication and sophistication in technology evolution has spawned new tools- tools which are not just totally unbelievable with all that they do but also highlight the dire need to carve every imaginable human need- to offer you the best. (more…)




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