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Exchange 2010 Cross Site DAG Disaster Recovery: Data Center/AD site failure Part 2

This is a continuation of my article series on cross site disaster recovery with Exchange 2010 DAG. (more…)

Exchange 2010 Room mailbox unable to process meetings for “some” users

I won’t forget how I resolved this one coz I had to spent some quality time and do extensive homework! (more…)

Exchange 2010 Cross Site DAG Disaster Recovery: Data Center/AD Site failure Part 1

This article is a complete guide on performing Exchange 2010 Disaster recovery when you have a data center or Active directory failure in the primary site. (more…)

MCSM Exchange 2013 – Microsoft Certified Solutions Master Certification

Microsoft is doing great things with Exchange 2013 and also redefining the way candidates get certified on the product. (more…)

Transitioning Exchange 2007 Client Access servers to Exchange 2010

First step in deploying Exchange 2010 is implementing the CAS server infrastructure in production. (more…)

Exchange 2013 Prerequisites

The most important and desirable thing to know is the prerequisite of any new product. Exchange 2013 is a design change after exchange 2007 and 2010 so the prerequisite changes as well. (more…)

How to find Outlook client version’s in your Exchange organization

I was playing with the new Exchange Client Network Bandwidth Calculator the other day and one of the input section asked me to enter the several Outlook client versions for accurate calculation. (more…)

Issue Accepting and Rejecting Meetings from Your iOS Device

This is a heads up for admins facing an issue where calendar invites on all meeting attendees everyone’s calendar gets deleted when an iOS 6 user declines a meeting from his device. (more…)

DAG Cluster Issue: Cluster Software Mismatch

We cross verify n number of things prior to performing an exchange installation but may easily skip verifying the OS build which may cause impact in production. (more…)

HA, SR, RPO, RTO, OLA, SLA and the 9’s of availability…!!!

Business efforts small, privately owned, multinational, service- oriented, all demand accessibility between clientele, employees, management and any other miniscule component on a 24/7 basis. (more…)




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