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WINDOWS 8…Fast Fluid Beautiful…A revolutionary OS!

I did my homework with the new Windows 8 OS and thought I’d share my views on the new look and exceptional features.

One word to describe – “Unbeatable”…!!!

Microsoft has declared the windows XP will not be supported after April 08, 2014 so windows xp users can plan the migration to windows 8. Windows 8 release at this time has given enough time to complete any enterprise organization migration.

Let us have a look into All NEW WINDOWS…………….



Windows 8 – This is the basic version.

Windows 8 Pro – Bitlock starts from Pro.

Windows 8 Enterprise – Full featured like windows to go.

Windows 8 RTE – Already deployed, it can’t be deployed.

Notable features:

  1. Better battery life.
  2. Picture Password.
  3. Dart recovery image creator which has crash analyzer means no more kernel debugging.
  4. Tile on your desktop gives you all important things together ready on your desktop
  5. Windows to go. This provides great functionality to keep your operating system with files in usb drive and connect to any window 8 supported hardware to use it. You can remove the usb for 59 seconds.
  6. Hyper-V with full function. Allows to transfer machines between server and client.
  7. Bit Locker for data encryption has improved to encrypt some files than the whole drive
  8. Broadband ready – It connects to broadband, as well as wifi or LAN. It can detect that this is a broadband connection and it will be warn you before downloading.
  9. Windows 8 deployment requires same hardware as windows 7.
  10. “Application Compatibility Toolkit” will check the application compatibility with windows 8
  11. “Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit” will assess the computer for the windows 8 readiness.
  12. Migration of applications is only possible from windows 7.
  13. Windows xp windows setting and data will be migrated. Applications will not be migrated
  14. Secure Boot (Trusted Boot): Window 8 Leverages the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) to block the loading and operation of any program or driver that has not been signed by an OS-provided key, and thus protects the integrity of the kernel, system files, boot-critical drivers, and even antimalware software.
  15. Windows 8 has improved virtual desktop Infrastructure with regards to ease, speed and video.
  16. MS App Store
  17. Windows 8 Cloud for all windows 8 devices at home.

We can use the following deployment tools in an Enterprise Organization:

  1. Assessment and Deployment kit
  2. Microsoft Deployment toolkit.

Windows 8 Purchase options

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Prabhat Nigam (Wizkid)

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  1. Wizkid Says:

    Yes, I have tested windows to go.. works great for me.

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