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Hosted spam filter vs. Exchange add-on spam filter

Email spam is an annoying issue for every company. Dealing with spam is a time waster and the risks of infecting the company servers and computers with harmful virus and malware is even more of liability. (more…)

Domino to Microsoft Exchange migration using NME 4.5

Lately I have been working on a migration plan from domino to exchange and thought it would be a good thing to create an article on it to help the community. (more…)

What’s new with Lync 2013 – Features and enhancements!

Lync is Microsoft’s offering for unified communications, also as a part of O365. (more…)

GAL segregation based on Organizational unit (OU)

Creating a GAL based on OU filter is not an easy task. (more…)

Exchange 2013: Creating and Testing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Policies

Data loss prevention is gaining popularity and has grown to become a mandatory entity in today’s email security. (more…)

Unleashing the Microsoft Cloud OS

Intertwining some existing cool technologies/ products with new ones -advancing the portfolio incredibly, is what your Microsoft cloud OS is all about. (more…)

Create a new Exchange certificate on Exchange 2013

Let’s take a look at how to create a certificate request or CSR using Exchange 2013 EAC (Exchange Administration Center). (more…)

Exchange 2013: Creating and testing Database Availability Groups (DAG)

Exchange can be used to reduce the cost and complexity of messaging systems that provide high availability levels and mailbox capacity. (more…)

Working with EAC or Exchange administration center in Exchange 2013 – Part1

Exchange Administration Center (EAC) replaces the Exchange Management Console (EMC) and the Exchange Control Panel (ECP), which were the two interfaces that were used to manage Exchange Server 2010. (more…)

WINDOWS 2012 exam overview

Windows 2012 has come up with big improvements which are so important to know that Microsoft does not allow Exchange certification without windows 2012. (more…)

Exchange 2013: Enable In-Place eDiscovery and In-Place Hold

Microsoft is taking every step to improve exchange server security related challenges. With Exchange 2013, Microsoft have taken compliance features like eDiscovery and hold to the next level. (more…)

Exchange 2013: Configuring Outlook anywhere

In Exchange 2013, Outlook Anywhere is enabled by default, because all Outlook connectivity takes place via Outlook Anywhere anyways. (more…)

Entering product key in Exchange 2013

Follow the steps to enter product key for your newly installed Exchange 2013 server. (more…)

DAG changes and some tips!

During the daily support and considering the change requirements and failures you would need to do few changes in the DAG configuration. (more…)

Exchange 2013 uninstallation fails with arbitration mailbox error

Before you go ahead and try the steps outlined in this article, know that arbitration mailboxes should be moved to a different server provided you have one. My organization hosts only a single Exchange 2013 server. (more…)




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