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Journey to Office 365 – Emails in cloud!!!

It’s been nearly two years since I wrote the blog “Where Cloud is heading“. And since then I am sure all of us have been witnessing some phenomenal technology advancements in cloud. (more…)

CodeTwo Exchange migration for Exchange 2003 to 2010/2013: Operational review

I’ve been using CodeTwo migration product for a while now and thought a review would be useful to the community. (more…)

451 4.4.0 DNS query failed. The error was: SMTPSEND.DNS.NonExistentDomain; nonexistent domain

This blog post is to address a specific issue with mailflow and DNS query (more…)

ADRMS: Calendaring Items Protection

Microsoft Active Directory Right Management Services can only protect emails. So how will we protect Calendaring items!!! (more…)

Free Webinar: Exchange 2013 | Modern Public Folders Migration, Cleanup & Rollback

As promised in my previous webcast, here is the webcast which will cover the Demo. (more…)

AD RMS: Template Copy Process

Below is the AD RMS Template copy Configuration for different Client side computers. (more…)

MVP Community Day: Events Schedule and Registration

As mentioned on Oct 30, 2013 about the Community Day Event is coming on Nov 09, 2013.  (more…)

Exchange 2013: Cross Forest/ORG Migration from Exchange 2010/2007

Cross forest migration steps blog was long time due from us. So here we go! (more…)

Exchange 2013: DBs not mounting after DC Removal

Today I faced this issue this issue in my lab and thought of sharing (more…)



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