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Microsoft Partners with DocuSign- a move towards a paperless world

Go green! Well that’s the slogan everywhere. While the world is experiencing a whirlpool of social revolutionary trends and changes, getting totally paperless is one of the top priorities of enterprises.

We all have been there and done that- the relentless grind of signing contracts, documents, printing it, scanning it and then faxing it. The intended party receives it, and does the same again and sends it back to you. All of this does seem archaic and Phew, there definitely can be a better way to this rudimentary way of doing business.

Microsoft and DocuSign have announced a strategic partnership to bring eSignature to Office365.

DocuSign is a world leader in eSignatures, helping enterprises to transact faster almost in all industries.

The conglomerate will be building apps for Microsoft Office 365 for eSignatures. The solution is built on top of Microsoft’s Office Platform, integrating into Outlook, Word and SharePoint (Online and Server 2013). Also, since it’s integrated within Azure’s Active Directory, users can use the same sign-in used in Microsoft applications. This essentially means that users needn’t leave Office 365 to sign documents.  The much needed integration will accelerate user experience and speed to results.

Some immediate benefits that we can see are

  1. Better administration: Administrators can add DocuSign apps from their consoles directly for users
  2. Single Sign-On
  3. Security (DocuSign’s list of security)
  4. Storage: all documents would be stored in OneDrive (Microsoft’s Cloud Storage Service) for Business, which means users needn’t store documents physically anymore
  5. A good move towards a digitized world

DocuSign and Microsoft’s move definitely indicates their vision in leveraging the power of cloud to make and deliver a seamless user experience, helping businesses be “digital in its total essence”. DocuSign will be providing support for Outlook, Word, SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server 2013. It will also be showcasing the apps in Microsoft’s SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas (March 03-06 ‘14).

This partnership will surely help in going to the paperless destination- well almost there and certainly a great step towards it.

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