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Archive for April, 2014

Office 365 / EOP: All emails Quarantined

Recently I was working on my EOP environment and our emails started going to the spam quarantine. I could not find fix over the internet so thought of sharing how I fixed it. (more…)

Office 365 / EOP: Download Reports in Excel

We always need to download the messaging reports to analyze the data or present to the management or some other purpose.


Office 365: Steps to run tool “Check your office 365 configuration with OnRamp Autochecks”

Microsoft provide this tool in the list of tools in the office 365. It is an automated tool that gathers configuration requirements and performs deployment readiness checks against your on-premises environment.


Microsoft Exchange Conference 2014 recordings

Microsoft Exchange Conference MEC 2014 sessions are available on Channel9

Exclaimer Email Alias Manager – MSExchange Product review

I have been wanting to do a review for Exclaimer email alias manager for Exchange for a while now. This is a robust product helping users who use more than one email address for their business. (more…)

Exchange 2010: Outlook connection error MapiExceptionLowLevelInitializationFailure: ec=-2147467259 (0x80004005)

Today I faced an interesting permissions issue which was new to me so I am sharing my experience. (more…)

OpenSSL Heartbleed bug and Exchange Server vulnerability

There is a news out there about the heartbleed flaw in OpenSSL and how it could affect email servers and web servers on the Internet. Exchange relies on SSL certificates so let’s break this down and ensure our servers aren’t vulnerable to attacks. (more…)



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