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Office 365 / EOP: Download Reports in Excel

We always need to download the messaging reports to analyze the data or present to the management or some other purpose.

So let me guide the steps of downloading these reports from office 365 or EOP.


1. Login to your office 365 with Global admin or password admin. Make sure user has at least view-only Organization management permission in Exchange admin center.

2. Click on reports


3. To download the reports click on the right side “Mail Protection reports (Excel)”. This will run a query from excel file and populate the values in Excel file.

This will open the below mentioned link to install “Microsoft Office 365 Excel Plugin for Exchange Online Reporting“.


4. Depending on your operating system select the 32 or 64 bit msi file and click next to download the file.


5. Once downloaded, double click to install it and next on the below screen


6. Select the agreement and click next


7. Select “Microsoft Exchange Online Protection” then click next


8. Make sure we have Excel, .net framework 4.5 and Microsoft online services Sign-In Assistant for IT Professional RTW Installed. Click next.


9. Click Install.


10. Now Installation will start


11. Click finish once done.


12. Now open the below icon in excel


13. Click Install on the below screen


14. Now we will see an excel file with below screen. Let us run a query here


15. Now we will see the below authentication pop up here. Give your office 365/EOP credentials here.


16. Once logged in, give number of days then click ok.


17. Now Excel will run an online query so make sure internet is working. If it fails then contact Microsoft.


You might see the below issue

Reporting Error

If you see this error then right click the msi and select repair. This should fix the issue.

Repair Msi


Now run the query again and we will see the below success screen.

reporting result

Now we will see excel file is populated with the data.

Prabhat Nigam

Microsoft Solution Architect | Exchange Server


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  3. Jay Says:


    Im getting a proxy error when trying to use this. is there a way around that?

  4. Prabhat Nigam Says:

    Add * in your proxy servers to allow without authentication.

  5. Al Says:

    IM getting “unable to query the web service” ( )

  6. Prabhat Nigam Says:

    There is a possibility of wrong password. Open support ticket from office 365. They should fix it if authentication is correct.

  7. thib Says:

    Why does this require Excel 2013…is this not EOL

  8. Prabhat Nigam Says:

    Basically you need MS excel on the same computer where it is creating the file.

  9. Waren Says:

    this is cool fix.. i just googled the error and this came up.. thanks for saving my valuable time..


    Waren Jay
    Senior Consultant at Crystal Soft.
    W: | knowledge is ammunition

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