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Exchange 2010: Mainstream Support End – What next

If you are an Exchange 2010 ORG then make yourself aware about this and take appropriate action.

Microsoft has closed the Mainstream support on January 13th 2015. At the same time Extended Support will be ending on January 14th 2020 which has 5 more years.

E2010 support end

What is the difference between Mainstream Support, Extended Support, and Self-help Online Support for software products?

support difference

Who can receive support in the Extended Support phase?

Extended Support will be available to all customers*. Extended Support includes paid technical assistance** (technical assistance that is charged on an hourly basis or per incident), security updates at no additional cost, and paid non-security updates. To receive non-security updates, Extended Hotfix Support must be purchased in conjunction with or addition to Premier Support, obtained within the first 90 days following the end of the Mainstream Support phase. (The 90-day requirement is waived if Software Assurance or Dynamics Business Ready Enhancement Plan has been purchased for the product in question.) Microsoft will not accept requests for warranty support, design changes, or new features during the Extended Support phase.

* Extended Support is not offered for Consumer Software (excluding Desktop Operating Systems), Consumer Hardware, Multimedia products, or Microsoft Online Services.

** Limited complimentary support may be available (varies by product).


More FAQ can be found here:


So what does it mean to the organizations?

Well it is simple to answer but might not be simple to execute for many directors or CEO. There are 2 options


Plan for the Exchange 2010 extended support


Plan for migration to Exchange 2013.

If you decide to migrate then look for our blogs which are consolidated together as my Curah –


Same day Microsoft also close the support for Windows 7.

Plan ahead and avoid outage.




Prabhat Nigam

Microsoft MVP | Exchange Server


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