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Exchange 2013: URLs Configuration Script

Well! This was long time due so here is it. Finally I got some time to work on it and shared it.

I can understand when you configure more than one server you would like to configure them in one go and don’t wish to spend hours on it.

Moreover there is no way you can update internal urls in one go.

This is the script to configure Exchange 2013 urls. It will configure the following urls for all servers within 5 minutes and 3 inputs.

3 inputs will be internalurl, externalurl and autodiscoverserviceinternaluri.

1. Autodiscoverserviceinternaluri

2, Offline Address Book Internal url

3. OWA internal url

4. ECP internal url

5. Activesync internal url

6. EWS internal url

7. Offline Address Book Externalurl

8. OWA Externalurl

9. ECP Externalurl

10. Activesync Externalurl

11. EWS Externalurl


I have uploaded it to the technet gallery here.

In case your environement many servers and expanded to multiple AD site then you are open the script and add the below mentioned line in front of every get command to run the script query only for Exchange 2013.

Get-ExchangeServer | ?{$_.AdminDisplayVersion -Match “Version 15”} |

Hope this will help on your new deployments.

Prabhat Nigam

Microsoft MVP | Exchange Server


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5 Responses to “Exchange 2013: URLs Configuration Script”

  1. Peter Scherz Says:

    Hello Mr. Nigam,

    we have a Problem with the Internet calendar sharing of Exchange 2013 CU6.
    We want to share some of user-calendar with outher user outside our Organisation.
    If we start OWA on our Exchange 2013 and logon with the user who want to share his calendar with other users. We go to the calendar-tab, right-click on calendar on the left side an click on share calendar. On the left side opens a small Formular to insert email-address and other things. A Click on the send-button generates a mail to the recipient i insert in the field below. The eMail of the recipient contains the following url’s

    This two link’s doesn’t work, because we use SSL to connect to our OWA-Server, so the link’s must look like

    We must change manually to https:// and webcals://

    Did you know a way to do this automatically, when Exchange generate’s the URL’s for calender-sharing?

    Sorry for my english, I think there is a lot of error in my eMail. I hope you understand my Problem and I am to be good of hope you can help me! 🙂

    Best regards


  2. Prabhat Nigam Says:

    Hi Peter,

    You need to configure organizational relationship which is a federation. I will try to cover it in future post but you can try to google it.

  3. Peter Scherz Says:

    Hi Prabhat,

    thanks for your quick answer.
    It is possible to share the calendar without a federation, it named anonymous calendar sharing. I think i say it wrong in my first comment!
    You can see this at

    The Problem i have is the wrong generated URL’s (see first comment)
    Hope you can help me!

    Best Regards


  4. Prabhat Nigam Says:

    We don’t recommend you configure anonymous calendar sharing because it is open for the whole world who is aware about the link. This opens a risk to share the confidential data to anonymous user rather you should go for federation.

    As far as ssl is concern you can offload the ssl. In other words give the https url to the user and offload ssl at load balancer or reverse proxy level.

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