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Enabling MRS Proxy in Exchange 2013 Server

The Mailbox Replication Proxy (MRS Proxy) is required for cross forest mailbox moves.

In Exchange 2013, MRS Proxy is included in the Mailbox server role. MRS Proxy is required in scenarios like moving mailboxes from one Exchange Forest to another or moving mailboxes from Exchange -On premises to the Exchange Online. The CAS servers are responsible for proxying the incoming move requests from the other forest to the mailbox Server. During these migration if we want the Client Access Server to accept the incoming move requests we need the MRS Proxy to be enabled. By default MRS proxy will be disabled.

Steps to enable MRS Proxy in Exchange 2013:

To enable MRS Proxy run the following command in the CAS Server (Using Exchange Management Shell):

Get-WebservicesVirtualDirectory –Server <servername> | Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory –MRSProxyEnabled $true

Below command is to enable MRS Proxy in Multiple CAS Servers: (Note that if you have multiple CAS Servers, MRS Proxy must be enabled on all the available CAS Servers)

Get-WebservicesVirtualDirectory | Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory –MRSProxyEnabled $true

Run the below command to make sure the MRS Proxy is enabled:

Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory | FL Identity,MRSProxyEnabled

To enable MRS proxy using the Exchange Admin Center follow the below steps:

=> Launch EAC => Navigate to Servers => Virtual Directories => EWS (Default Web Site)

=> Click Edit => under general select the check box where it says “MRS Proxy Enabled“.

=> Save Settings.

Points to note:

=> Make sure you have all required Amin permission before performing the task, else it might fail.

=> Always be sure to know as which CAS server need MRS proxy enabled (the one in the target or in the source)

=> If the mailbox move is initiated from the target forest (pull Move), the MRS proxy should be enabled on the Source CAS server.

=> If the mailbox move is initiated from the Source forest (push move), the MRS proxy should be enabled in the CAS server of the target forest.

=> To migrate from & to Office 365, the MRS proxy should be enabled on the on-premises CAS Servers.

=> If you don’t do any cross-forest move or remote move migration, it is advisable to have the MRS Proxy disabled.

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