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Exchange: Outlook Providing Decommissioned Exchange Server

Outlook was not able to configure itself for the private cloud mailbox and it was giving old decommissioned Exchange server name.

This was happening in one of the private cloud’s source domain and I found it interesting issue so sharing.



Customer has recently moved all mailboxes into a Private cloud. Mobile and OWA are working fine.

When the source domain users are trying to configure outlook they were getting old decommissioned Exchange server name.



Now customer told me that they are a very small org so when they moved to Private cloud, they just delete the server object from ADUC and Exchange ORG from ADSIEdit. It is not recommended but they had chosen this way because of any xyz reason.

So Exchange was not removed gracefully and exchange attributes were present in properties of the old user. New user outlook was not returning old server name but it was not configuring using autodiscover.

Tried to browse but I was unable to browse the website.

Review the dns and found DNS was not pointing to correct IP.

Fixed the IP in DNS and now I was able to get login prompt for

Now reviewed few old and new user property in adsiedit.

Found old users have Exchange attributes configured and new users have no Exchange attributes. At this time new users should be able to configure outlook without any issue.


For the old user we ran the following command on a domain controller in elevated PowerShell to clear the Exchange attributes.

get-aduser -filter {msexchmailboxsecuritydescriptor -like “*”} | set-aduser -clear msExchMailboxGuid,msexchhomeservername,legacyexchangedn,mail,mailnickname,msexchmailboxsecuritydescriptor,msexchpoliciesincluded,msexchrecipientdisplaytype,msexchrecipienttypedetails,msexchumdtmfmap,msexchuseraccountcontrol,msexchversion,proxyaddresses,mDBUseDefaults,mDBOverHardQuotaLimit,mDBOverQuotaLimit,mDBStorageQuota,msExchMobileMailboxFlags,homemta,homemdb

Now all users were able to their cloud mailbox in the outlook.



Always remove Exchange server gracefully else you may land up to an unexpected issue.


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Prabhat Nigam

Microsoft MVP | Exchange Server


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